Gram Publishing / Python etc

These are the posts I made for @pythonetc.

Reasons to read posts from the cannel rather than here:

  1. The publication order matters because some posts reference previous posts.
  2. Some of the drafts here aren’t published yet, so here are some spoilers.
  3. Sometimes, we publish corrections to some already published posts. Not all corrections get here.
  4. It’s good to have stat on views count and likes in one place.
  5. This is only the second season, made by me. The previous season was made by @pushtaev and it also has tons of great information.

You don’t need telegram to read the channel using the link above. If neither of it stops you, sure, go ahead, read it here.

To write

These are ideas for future posts. Let me know if you want to write a guest post on any of these topics.